Scuf Gaming Instinct Deep Black

Scuf Gaming Instinct Deep Black
  • Scuf Gaming Instinct Deep Black
  • Scuf Gaming Instinct Deep Black
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Custom Controller for Xbox & PC

Every aspect of Instinct was designed to live up to its name. Four embedded, rear remappable paddles, three configuration profiles, switchable instant triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks and non-slip performance grip make this our most innovative Xbox controller yet. Play better. Play faster.

Remappable Paddles

Engineered from the ground up for the fastest response times ever, the redesigned paddles are positioned ergonomically for a natural feel and optimum performance. Assign actions by remapping them to any of the four rear paddles to keep your thumbs on the sticks for faster reactions and gameplay. 

Profile Switch

Different games require different play styles. You can save up to three different paddle remapping configurations and switch between them on-the-fly with the press of a button. The LED light on the front of the controller will change indicating which profile you have active. 

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Made for better performance and increased comfort, our improved textured thumbsticks improve grip, precision, and accuracy. Short and concave to dig in and make quick moves. Tall and domed for a longer throw and more precision. Choose the perfect combo built for you and the games you love. 


SKU code Instinct Deep Black
EAN code 2000000027210
Warranty 6 mois
Plateforme PC Xbox One Xbox Series S Xbox Series X
ConnectionWireless and Wired
Couleur Noir
Backside ColorPro Black
Bumper ColorBlack
Button KitBlack/Gray
D-Pad StyleHybrid
Touches arrières4
D-Pad ColorBlack
Left Ring ColorBlack
Right Ring ColorBlack
Triggers ColorBlack


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